Build Own And Operate Your Own OPEX Model 

Switching to solar power is an admirable shift for your business and an affordable one, too, in the longer run. However, there are a lot of primary technicalities you require to know before making the final transformation to go green.

When you consider acquiring solar power, you will find two choices in the marketplace. One of the choices is putting funds into a rooftop solar plant or obtaining solar energy through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Both the selections can be accessible under two models: the first is the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model, and the second is the operating expenditure (OPEX) model. In this blog, we will assist you in making a wise decision by highlighting the OPEX model and how it enables your business better.

Enabling OPEX Model for Solar Solutions 

Under the OPEX model, Eurolite will finance and set up a solar plant on the client’s premises. Eurolite leverages the newest technology equipment to offer maximum gains to the client.

The client can consume green energy by paying per-unit costs without capitalizing or investing in a solar project. This specific model is also known as the ‘RESCO’ model.

Key Benefits of the OPEX Model

The use of the OPEX model helps you save the large-sized primary investment that you would have to facilitate with your own solar power system. OPEX model aids you to save funds on recurring power charges and as you receive electricity at a low cost, which is much reduced than usual electricity tariff for industries.

  • All regulatory approvals are under Eurolite’s precise scope.
  • By enabling the OPEX model, Eurolite makes the funding for the development of a solar plant and provisions electricity to consumers at a tariff grounded on the explicit power purchase agreement.
  • Eurolite operates and sustains the solar plant and provides the best services for continuous power supply to the client on an agreed non-escalating tariff.
  • The consumer can benefit from striking discounts over the usual tariff in this specific model.
  • This is a proven and risk-free selection for solar installation.
  • Tariffs under such a setup can be enabled at a discount from the state grid cost per unit of electricity, relying upon the customer’s plant dimensions and credit-based rating.

Key Takeaways

So, when it comes to procuring new solar solutions, one of the significant choices for technology professionals is obtaining them as an operating expense (OPEX) model.

At Eurolite, our ground-breaking solutions allow industrial businesses to meet their aspirations with essential cost savings as the power is at a lower cost compared to the grid power.

We handle our projects with proficient technicians and engineers who are talented and hard-working. So, rest assured now your explicit solar power plant is in secure hands.