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Rooftop Solar Solutions

Many people advise that everyone should prioritize their health and economic rehabilitation in light of the current crisis and scenario. It goes without saying that solar energy has enormous advantages for companies, organizations, and property owners. Companies all across the state, the nation, and the world are benefiting from what a solar PV array has to give. But having the advantages outlined helps when it comes time to decide whether to go solar.

Rooftop Solar Solutions

Protecting the Environment

Utilizing rooftop solar solutions mean using less electricity from the grid, or more specifically, your power provider. Typically, your DISCOM purchases electricity produced by coal or other non-renewable sources of energy. Because of this, the less energy is drawn from the network, the less energy must get produced, and as a result, the less non-renewable energy gets used.

Low Maintenance

Solar solutions are a system that is economical. It only needs periodic excellent maintenance and cleaning which is not really a difficult operation.

The average solar rooftop has a 25-year life expectancy, making the investment worthwhile. Basically, there are no significant expenses. They have a program, portfolio management technology, that keeps track of the maintenance and condition of your solar panels, so if there is a problem, you will be informed right away.

A Decent ROI

Any significant financial investment that a company makes must have a high rate of return and a quick payback time. The payback period for rooftop solar systems generally ranges, depending on the size of the system and the financing method used. All financial advantages and savings after that make a substantial and direct contribution to your ROI.

Returns from solar power plants can range from up to 50% in some situations, depending on the kind, size, and location of the solution. Solar energy for commercial buildings provides advantages for your company as well.

The Geographical Location of Our Country

Our nation is geographically positioned in such a way that it receives enough tropical sunlight. India boasts some of the greatest solar energy harvesting conditions in the world because of its over 300 bright, clear days per year.

Less Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is the largest, pure, and most renewable. Solar energy doesn’t produce damaging carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases, which are proven to cause global warming, like fossil fuels do. Your company may lessen its carbon impact and support a sustainable culture by switching from fossil fuel-generated power to solar electricity.

Low Cost

The financial reductions that come with solar panel installation on the roof are one of its major advantages. Rooftop solar tariff quotations are 17% and 27% less expensive than industrial and commercial tariff rates, correspondingly. Industries using solar are sure to experience growth over the next several years since solar panel prices are on the down.

Why Choose Eurolite Solar?

Rooftop and ground-based solar photovoltaic power projects may be completed on an EPC or Turnkey basis with Eurolite, a one-stop solar solution. We provide our solar products in Capex, Opex, and Open Access models. With us, going solar is all about the finest experience.