Solar Power Installations

The sun’s energy that the earth receives for an hour can meet one year’s global needs. The sun is the most powerful source, and we cannot collect a fraction of the energy. However, we can harness the power by installing a solar power system and creating a drastic difference for the planet.

Businesses play a vital role against climate change, as they have on the environment. The adoption of solar energy in business results from the continuous growing tendency toward renewables. A recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a 50% increase in renewable output in the next five years, with solar power making up 60% of the bulk.

Importance of Solar Power Installations for Commercial and Industrial Sector

Solar Power Installations

The solar power system derives pure, clean energy from the sun. Installing solar modules helps to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces collective dependence on fossil fuels. Enlisted are the benefits of installing solar power.

Environmental friendly and reduces carbon emissions

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, Buildings represent approximately 36% of global energy use and are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions. Replacing fossil fuels with renewables, such as solar power, helps reduce the global carbon footprint.

Furthermore, solar panels do not use chemicals or fossil fuels to develop electricity and, therefore, do not release harmful gases into the environment. Utilizing solar energy also helps in reducing carbon dioxide production. The solar power systems in the industry act as a highly sustainable and green energy choice, motivating substantial environmental impact.

Saves electricity

Solar power installations at your factory or industrial premises eliminate or reduce the concerns related to electricity bills. The amount you save on electricity depends upon the grid electricity usage and the size of the solar power system. It also encourages the possibility of receiving payments for the surplus energy your export back to the grid. Using solar modules instead of depending on DISCOM helps reduce electricity bills by 50% monthly.

Greener and cooler roofs

Installing solar power systems reduces the amount of heat reaching the roof by 30%. It keeps the roof up to five degrees cooler than those portions of the roof exposed directly to sunrise. Solar power systems offer safe and clean energy, reducing the cost of summer cooling. These panels help keep the top floor and industrial roofs clean and cool by reflecting and absorbing much of the sun’s energy.

Accelerated depreciation results in tax savings

The government is promoting solar power installations in businesses, corporate and industrial sectors through tax relief, allowing them to avail higher rate of depreciation, often termed as Accelerated depreciation benefit. It allows the industrial usage of solar power to depreciate their investments in a solar power plant at a higher rate.

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