As insignificant the term SAFETY may sound, but for us it is one of the most essential elements when we are working on site. At Eurolite Solar we hold safety as one of the most important factors when installing a solar power system.

It is because the operational work of installing a solar power system all happens on the consumer’s property. And any accident on the site can create problems for not only the consumers but also for our business. In order to avoid this scenario completely we ensure the construction and installation of the solar power system is delivered in a safe environment, while making sure our employees working on site are also well protected – against any unforeseen accidental issues.

To maintain a high level safety environments below listed are some of the important protocols that we follow:
  • Site inspection and finalizing the property’s ability to support the solar power system
  • Testing all the gadgets, equipments and mechanical parts before we start working on the installation process
  • Solar power installation and maintenance are handled by highly skilled staff. These professionals wear extremely high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep them safe.
  • Before starting the final work of any project, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is performed keeping in mind the site inspection report
  • Even after the solar system has been installed, the O&M work is carried out on site in strict accordance with safety regulations.
  • The performance of the solar power plant is monitored remotely to ensure safety

These measures help us ensure that we have been able to deliver a quality product to our customer, while preventing any kind of unforeseen accidents.

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