Hybrid Solar System Providers In Vadodara - Eurolite Solar

Hybrid Solar System Providers In Vadodara - Eurolite Solar

Choosing the right solar system that fulfills your demand is essential. With the introduction of the solar energy system, most residential and commercial customers have already started using them. They opt for off-grid or gird-tied solar systems to meet and enhance their electrical energy requirements. Besides these two types of rooftop solar energy systems, you can also avail of another alternative, which is none other than a grid-interactive hybrid solar system.

Hybrid Solar Systems: What are they?

A hybrid solar system generates power similar to a standard grid-tie solar system. However, these solar systems use unique hybrid inverters and batteries for storing energy for future use. The ability to store energy enables most hybrid systems to operate as a backup power supply during a blackout. Conventionally, hybrid refers to two generation sources- wind and solar. However, in the solar world, the term ‘hybrid’ refers to a system that uses a combination of solar and batteries that interact with the electricity grid.

Hybrid Solar System Providers In Vadodara - Eurolite Solar

With the added convenience of a grid-concerned system, the hybrid solar system effectively gives you the best of both worlds. A hybrid solar system functions by sending solar power to your inverter, which later o sends energy to power your home. The unused energy gets stored in the home battery. The battery then supplies power to your home when your solar panels cannot produce energy. After these steps, the system sends it to the grid if more energy is left.



Advantages of a Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar systems offer the following advantages:

High efficiency

A hybrid solar system works more efficiently than your traditional generators. Your traditional generator might waste fuel under certain conditions, whereas a hybrid solar functions in all types of conditions without wasting the fuel.

Low maintenance cost

Traditional generators require fuel to function. On the other hand, a hybrid solar system does not require any fuel. Therefore, This solar system has a low maintenance cost.

Utilizes renewable resources in the best way

Hybrid Solar System Providers In Vadodara - Eurolite Solar

Since hybrid solar systems have batteries connected to the system for storing unused energy, there is no waste of the excess energy produced on bright sunny days. These systems use renewable energy best, storing energy on a good day and utilizing the stored power on a lousy day, thereby maintaining the balance.

Choose Eurolite Solar as Your Partner

We, at Eurolite Solar, founded by Mr. Philip George and Mr. Harshil Patel in Vadodara, Gujarat, emerged as one of the best EPC in the solar power industry. We strive to offer our clients high-quality engineering solutions. Our combination of technological innovations and effective brand strategy helped us extend the upstream industry chain and successfully execute the projects. Our brand is synonymous with high-performing, top-quality EPC solutions and specializes in PV technology engineering procurement and commissioning.

We hold the quality of our hybrid solar systems as our top priority, as we believe that superior quality goes a long way. We highly concentrate on customer satisfaction and ensure they receive the best quality hybrid solar systems. Our hybrid solar systems inverter and other parts comprise Havell’s and other reputed companies, which ensures superior quality and the electricity generated meets your requirements.