EPC is engineering, procurement, and construction in the solar industry. A solar EPC company offers comprehensive solar energy services, comprising designing the solar system, delivering procurement information about the system, and enabling and installing it.

In addition, after deploying the solar system, solar EPC companies perform periodic checks and take care of the system sustenance to make sure your solar system works at the best efficiency levels.

Significant Gains From A Solar EPC Company

A solar EPC company is more proficient, specialized, and consistent than an installation service provider company. Their services are more progressive, using the latest technology and offering you a solar system, unquestionably a long-term investment.

The services provided by an EPC solar company that enables you with a maximum ROI comprise:

  1. Comprehensive and Inclusive Solar Engineering Design 

The design is tailored in an approach that suits your solar system requirements while not restraining your decided budget. At this phase, the procedures involved are:

  • Evaluate the customer demands and the presented solar solution
  • Execute a site survey to check out the feasibility of the solar solution
  • Monitor and track the usual weather conditions and critical scenarios
  • Comprehend the most refined structural design and utmost power generation dimensions
  • Choosing the equipment to use and making a precise 3D model of the solar solutions
  1. Obtaining the Solar Equipment

EPC companies get the best solar equipment from professional manufacturing firms freeing you from the trouble of searching and getting the precise supplier. A proficient solar EPC company will negotiate with the manufacturers to get the best pricing and all-inclusive warranty terms.

  1. Solar Panel Construction

This is the final phase of the project. The tasks include:

  • Mounting the explicit solar panels.
  • Needing accessories.
  • Enabling grid connectivity with precise solar implementation in line with your current power supply solution.

After installation, the Eurolite solar EPC company will provide maintenance and sustenance services for your system through equipment tracking and periodic checks.

Long Term Services With Single Contract

When working with a reputed solar EPC company, all the connected services are under one single contract for the complete project. This means that you only have simple documentation, and you don’t have to subcontract for other services while or after your system’s deployment. This scenario conveys that you are guaranteed all the benefits with one point of contact throughout the complete timeline of the project.

Moving Forward

Eurolite Solar is one of the top EPC companies in the solar power sector, offering superior engineering services. The company specializes in PV technology engineering, solar system procurement, and commissioning. 

Eurolite Solar has delivered all-inclusive services in setting up solar photovoltaic power projects on an EPC basis.